I have found a lead source that is great. A little pricey but they are Double Verified live transfers, and well worth it. I have about 20 leads that I am sitting on that I have priced, and filled out 10 1003's and counting. Company is very professional and definitely earned my business. I would recommend you to this great lead company. I am using a company called InspireCS. They proved to be a very good company. You can find out more by going to their website at www.inspirecs.com


(Our Client in CA)

I am writing to say how satisfied I am with Inspirecs regarding there lead quality. I have tried everything from internet leads and live transfers from other sources with out success. Inspirecs is the only source I would recommend, they are very fair on returns and the quality of the leads is very good. I would highly recommend them and plan to do more business with them. Here you defiantly get what you pay for and More.

(Our Client in CA)

Hello Alex, I love the leads, but my only concern is I want to be able to offer my clients good customer service, in order for me to do that, I would only like 5 leads each a day if possible.

The Green Brothers
(Our Clients in CA)

I would recommend Inspirecs for all of your telemarketing/communications needs.

One of the very few lead generation companies I have come across that really delivers on its promises. Inspirecs's Owner has a passion for lead gen business and he runs a very tight ship Best of Luck

(Our Client in CA)

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