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If by chance our website links you to some other website/websites, any content uploaded on that linked website is not under our control which means we are not responsible for the content displayed on that website. Clients can visit such websites through their own discretion and not hold us accountable for any reason whatsoever.

We have always proven to provide leads that are accurate and profitable, however in cases where there is any loss of information or inaccuracy in the lead, we will not be held responsible.

Our major goal has always been to provide the best services to our clients and give them unparalleled experiences. However, in cases where they refer to any out-dated content from our website, we will not be accountable. Also, we will not be taking any responsibility for our website being under construction or not available during certain period of time for reasons that are not in control of Inspirecs

It is important to note that if our website is inaccessible, it is something that is not under our control; however we would like you to know that our team would ensure that the issue is resolved at the earliest.

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