Auto Warranty Live Transfers

Auto Warranty Live Transfers

Auto Warranty Live Transfers

If you have purchased Internet leads, Live Transfer Leads, PPC Leads or any other type of lead and you've been unsatisfied with the results we are sure that you were not happy with your results since you were set up to fail since the beginning.

Most of the Lead Selling companies would do just that, "sell you leads and then it's up to you to figure out how to close enough sales to keep your doors open".

The single biggest difference with our service is we deliver Double Screened Live Transfers which are active buyers or users of the service that you are offering – people who need to purchase an auto warranty right now provides you a complete solution for your Auto Warranty Leads Marketing Campaign. Our warranty leads help you to attain ace among your competitors and leads you to overcome through our wide spectrum lead services.

We have designed our auto warranty Live Transfers generation service based on fresh leads, Real Time Delivery of Live Transfers into our office which are then screened twice by a Third Party Verifier to ensure higher closings at your end, all our leads are 100% Exclusive and verified, no extra charge on Setup fees, No long-term commitments. Genuine lead replacement policy, Special filters available at minimum extra cost, all our warranty leads are Phone verified, highest quality maintained and assured.

How Our Double-iLead Validation Process™ Works for the Betterment of our Customers

Consumers are called and asked if they are currently looking to get an Auto Warranty for their Vehicle, If the prospect shows a sincere interest in getting an Auto Warranty then the agent asks over a dozen questions to understand and verify their interest.

If the prospects answers match your desired criteria, the call is transferred to a third Party Validation Unit to be independently verified. The call agents at this call Validation Unit are paid a bonus based on how stringently they check the consumers' interest level and information - being ultimately judged based on your satisfaction rating.

Once the prospects information has been validated twice, first by the agent who originated the call and second time by our Validation Agent, only then are they transferred and introduced to your respective officers.

Advantages of our Live Transfers which are Validated Twice before they are sent to you:-

  1. Delivered live using our Leads Delivery portal.
  2. Generated fresh through our Call centers Worldwide.
  3. Take leads from only states that you are licensed in.
  4. Each Lead with minimum mileage that you are looking for, to make sure you deal with Leads and not just calls.
  5. Live transfer leads to any number at any hours during the day, We work 12 Hours a day and 5 days a week

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