Live Data Leads

Live Data Leads

Each and every Lead that is sent to our customers passes through our proprietary Double-iLead Validation Process™. This quality control feature allows only the best live Data Leads to pass through our Validation Process thus resulting in an instant growth in your closing ratios. These quality leads have the highest prospect of converting into a profitable transaction, and are 100% guaranteed!

Paper Leads is now a Product of the past, the best product after the Validated Live Transfers is Validated Live Data Leads, this product is especially for the companies which are small in size and are still not willing to compromise with the quality of the leads that they buy.

The Validated Data Lead is generated in a Very simple way, Consumers are called and asked if they are currently shopping for a home loan or are interested in getting their Debts Settled or Consolidated/ or are interested in getting their Loan Modified or may be interested in a pay day loan, If the prospect shows a sincere interest in the product that the agent is speaking to him about, the agent asks over a dozen questions to understand and verify their interest.

If the prospect's answers matches your desired criteria, the call is transferred to a third Party Validation Unit to be independently verified. The call agents at this call Validation Unit are paid a bonus based on how stringently they check the consumers' interest level and information - being ultimately judged based on your satisfaction rating.

Once the prospect's information has been Validated, only then an appointment is set with the customer for you to call him back at the desired time.

This process ensures that you save on the Cost Per Lead being a small size organization but still do not compromise on the quality of the product that you buy, thus increasing your Return on Investment

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