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Health Insurance Live Transfers
  1. Are you a Medicare Holder Part A and Part B
  2. When you visit your doctor, do you have to make a Co-Payment to your doctor.
  3. Do you have to make any payment for your prescription drugs.
  4. If you have to make a payment what is the amount of Money that you have to shell out.
  5. What about your Eye Glasses, Lenses, Hearing Aids and Dentists, do you have to pay for any of these?
  6. Date of Birth collection. We make sure that the customer is 62 Years old
  7. We check the full name of the customer too.
  8. We ensure that the customer has the medicare card handy before the call is connected to the Health Officer.
  9. We ensure to collect the Number on the card too. (It may be an Alfa Numeric Number).

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