Cash Advance Live Transfers

Cash Advance Live Transfers

Cash Advance Live Transfers offers Double Verified Merchant Cash Advance leads, Business Cash leads, Merchant Cash advance live transfers which are acting as a boon and great opportunity for the Business Cash Advance Industry. Merchants and small business owners nationwide need working capital to grow and expand their businesses and they need legitimate Cash Advance companies to help them. Our Live transfers play a vital role in getting those owners to the Cash advance companies. We know how difficult it is to get hold of a Business Owner and sales reps spend a whole day to get an application. Our Double Verified Live process reduces those barriers and helps Business Cash Advance companies to grow. We get various inquiries through our Online Marketing Campaigns, websites, targeted lists where Business Owners are looking to get instant cash for their Business. Those leads are further called and double verified to check the intent and get them pre-qualified for getting a Merchant Cash Advance. Our Successful Double Verified lead generation program has been delivering leads to major Cash advance companies and they have been making profit out of those low cost leads, in the end resulting in high conversion. is stringent on quality and one of the most reputed Business Cash advance lead provider in the industry. All our leads are sold exclusively to cash advance companies and therefore we are doing great with our leads. We provide you with pre-qualified Business owners who are accepting credit cards for their business and looking to get cash on their future receipts. We make sure the Business is old enough for them to qualify for a Business Cash Advance loan and have sufficient credit card sales. We can customise a Merchant Cash Advance Campaign according to your requirements and can specifically target those prospects for your company. We provide the best customer support and the quality to meet your needs which can help you in getting high conversions.

Benefits of our Double Verified Cash advance Transfers :

  1. Delivery in real time with a higher conversion
  2. All our leads are sold 100% exclusive
  3. No Set up fees
  4. Genuine Lead replacement
  5. Stringent and high quality maintained from day one of the campaign
  6. Special filters at minimum extra cost
  7. Pre-qualified leads according to the parameters
  8. Leads double verified for higher closing
  9. Our Merchant Cash Advance Leads are merchants with descent credit.
  10. We ensure all merchants that we live transfer to your office have $10,000 to $15,000 in Gross sales.
  11. We ensure that all our Cash Advance Leads deposit the proceeds of their gross sales into their business bank accounts.
  12. We ensure that all the merchants that we speak with are looking for a funding fast before we sell them to you as a Merchant Cash Advance Lead.

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