Merchant Cash Advance Transfers

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Short-Term Working Capital Solutions.

As per recent news from the Short-Term Small Business Funding industry, one of a privately held financial services firm has recently closed a $35 Million Credit Facility with a Southern California Bank, this financing will be used to expand the short-term working capital loans business of this privately held firm.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance or a business cash advance is in fact a lump sum payment made to a business in exchange of their monthly credit card or cash, check, ach receivables. A Merchant Cash Advance or a Business Cash Advance company is most often used by small business owners that do not qualify for regular bank loans, in fact Merchant Cash Advance’s or Business Cash Advance’s are not loans, they are in fact a sale of a portion of the future credit card or debt card sales.

Knowing the fact that Merchant Cash Advance’s or Business Cash Advance’s are not conventional bank loans, they are expensive but the structure has many advantages or a conventional business loan from a Bank, the best one is that the payments to the merchant cash advance companies fluctuate directly with the merchant’s sales volumes thus giving the merchant greater flexibility with which to manage cash flow’s during their slow seasons become’s a lot easier if not a cake walk. has been Generating Double Screened Live Motivated Merchant Cash Advance Prospects since over a decade and we pride in our knowledge about the whole process thus resulting in more educated prospective clients getting transferred to our participating lead buyers.

If you are one of the Merchant Cash Advance/ Business Cash Advance companies or an Independent contractor in need of Live Motivated Prospects for Merchant Cash Advance or Business Cash Advance feel free to call one of our sales reps at 1-800-986-9315 and hit 1 and we would be happy to answer any and every question that you may have.

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