Is a Reverse Mortgage a Right Option for me?

Reverse Mortgage Live Leads
Is a Reverse Mortgage a Right Option for me?

Reverse mortgage is often an underestimated retirement plan that older people often either mistrust or overlook. However, recently there has been increasing popularity for reverse mortgage, as its financial benefits and security that it provides to the older people is remarkable.

Reverse mortgage involves the risk of some of your most valued asset like your home that you reside in, your life time savings and any source of fixed income. Which is why it is completely normal for someone to be confused about, and to some extent even be doubtful whether reverse mortgage is a good option for them or not.

To help you in developing a better understanding of reverse mortgage and to wisely choose whether it is the right option or not, here are some detailed features and pros and cons of reverse mortgage.

  • A reverse mortgage is more of a long-term plan. It is a plan that will last you for as long as you are alive and residing in the primary house. So, if you are in search for a more short-term, quick solution to something, then reverse mortgage might not be right for you.
  • The Employment Research Benefit Institute conducted a survey that found out that 41% of the older age population does not have any retirement savings, and 44% of them do not have the sufficient retirement money that can fulfill their basic needs. If this is a case for you as well, then reverse mortgage might be the right option for you. Reverse mortgage will allow some extra cash to flow in to your home regularly.
  • A reverse mortgage lender cannot take more money from you than the loan’s actual value, regardless of any drops in the value of them house. This means that the amount you have to repay will remain standard for as long as it’s paid.
  • A reverse mortgage has high closing costs, which can be an important variable cost.
  • If you plan on leaving your home as inheritance for your family, then reverse mortgage is not the right option for you. In a reverse mortgage, the house will be used as your way of paying the debt after you die.
  • You must be entirely sure that you want to live your life in this particular home. If you plan on relocating any time sooner or later, then reverse mortgage is not for you.
  • Reverse mortgage is a better option, or alternative to selling your home for cash. Selling your home can get you into loss because of the general decrease in property rates. However, a reverse mortgage will allow a regular flow of cash for you.

If you are a reverse mortgage expert and are looking for clients who would qualify for one and would be interested in getting a reverse mortgage then you should reach us at or call one of our sales representatives at 1-800-986-9315 EXT 1 01 now.

Critical Illness Live Transfer

Critical Illness Live Transfer
Critical Illness Live Transfer

Cancer is an extremely serious medical condition that scares everyone to their core. There has been tremendous amount of research in the cancer treatment area, where doctors and specialists are tirelessly struggling to find cure for cancer. There are multiple types of cancers, and therefore the first step towards finding the right treatment is to first get tested and identify your condition. It is essential to find a certified and reliable testing lab, which is one way INSPIRECS can help you in.

Other than cancer testing live transfer leads, INSPIRECS also provides services in critical illness live transfer. Critical illness insurance is a great way of maintaining and securing financial security and safety, as you always have something to fall back onto. Critical illness covers costs for any illness specified in the policy. On diagnosis of any specified illness, you can easily obtain an instant sum of money to test and treat the illness.

INSPIRECS has experience and excellence in providing live leads to people who are looking for critical illness support. Whether you have a family history of serious diseases or you are moving towards old age or you have some money to invest in a critical illness insurance, INSPIRECS can help find the most appropriate leads that match well to your requirements and needs.

What are the benefits of critical illness insurance policy?

INSPIRECS aims to transfer live leads to you as fast as possible, and the years of experience have made us excellent at this task. Transferring critical illness live leads is one example of our fast and efficient services. Critical illness can prove to be beneficial to anyone who has a history of illnesses like heart problems and even cancer. Cancer’s major cause is family history and genetics, which is why critical illness insurance is really important.

Critical illness policies cover many illnesses and diseases, and can help you cover up lots of costs. These can be treatment costs, testing costs and even out-of-pocket expenses that your Medicare health insurance card cannot possibly cover.

If you have a history of serious family illnesses and cancer, or just want to be safe, then INSPIRECS is here to provide you critical illness live leads transfer. We only need your cooperation and some information regarding your name, Medicare number and family medical background, and the rest is taken care by us.

If you wish to know more about our products and services please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-986-9315 Ext 1 and speak to one of our sales representatives who would be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

Am I Required to Counsel if I Get a Reverse Mortgage?

Am I Required to Counsel if I Get a Reverse Mortgage?

Reverse Mortgage Independent Counseling
Reverse mortgage has multiple financial benefits that make it the most suitable and convenient mortgage plan for older homeowners. However, like most of the other mortgage plans, reverse mortgage has some requirements that you first must meet. These may include:

  • Someone in your family should be 62 or older
  • You should be living in the house that’s on the mortgage plan
  • Property taxes are a must
  • HUD counselling

Perhaps the most important of these requirements is the counselling that every borrower must take before qualifying for a reverse mortgage. Many people wonder whether it is necessary or not, and wonder why is it so important after all.

Reverse mortgages are apparently the only mortgages that require you to counsel. This requirement is specifically imposed for one very important reason. Reverse mortgages involves older audiences, and valuable assets like their homes that they have probably planned to spend their life. To protect the rights, interests and the well-being of the audience, the government has made it compulsory for borrowers to first get counsel.

A Certified Counseling in the mortgage industry is essential in order to explain every detail of the mortgage plan before you actually go ahead and sign up for it. The counsellors answer all your questions, educate you about all the technicalities that you may or may not be aware of. This helps you in making an informed decision which will consequently have a long-term impact on you.

United States Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD Certified Counseling Agencies are individuals that are required to counsel you. This is a small process, usually lasting from up to 1 or 2 days. Moreover, make sure that your loan agency or the lenders are not directing you to a specific agency or a counsellor. Rather, they are required to provide you with a list of all HUD certified counsellors. This allows transparency and reliability.

Your counsellor will require you to provide him with complete information regarding your plans and reasons for choosing the particular mortgage plan. Moreover, you are free to ask them any question in case of any confusion. The counsellor can also assist you in analyzing alternative options, which might turn out better for you.

HUD approved counselors are highly qualified, reliable and experienced counsellors who are trusted by a government authority like the HUD. You must note that these educated, qualified counselors are only here to educate you about the loan or mortgage plan, and not for therapeutic counselling whatsoever. Their purpose is fully educational and informational.

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How Much Money can you get in case of Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage Live Leads

How Much Money can you get in case of Reverse Mortgage

How Much Money can you get in case of Reverse Mortgage?

Today, reverse mortgage is a very commonly chosen loan plan, specifically popular amongst older homeowners. Reverse mortgage is a mortgage loans that aims to provide you with the free-of-debt value of your home. This way, many old homeowners ensure security and safety in their old age.

If you too are in search for a reverse mortgage and are unsure of where to start from, get in contact with INSPIRECS, who can guarantee to deliver you the most reliable and suitable reverse mortgage plans.

How much money can you get?

This is a big question most potential borrowers have regarding reverse mortgage. The amount of money you get with a reverse mortgage depends on 3 important factors that include:

  • Interest rates
  • The age of the youngest borrower
  • The mortgage plan/program you have selected

Usually, you can expect a 40 to 60 percent of your home’s actual value, however, this is subject to change considering the above mentioned factors.

There are various ways of getting a payment through reverse mortgage that you can choose from. These include the following:

  1. Line of credit

This payment method is the most reliable, guaranteed method that will also increase the monthly payments given to you as time passes. Line of credit payment method refers to you accessing the money only when you choose to or need to. This can help you save up a lot for a rainy day, and gives you full freedom as to when or not you need to take the payment. It is a popular choice of payment method amongst borrowers who would like to save up or do not necessarily require the amount instantly.

  1. Term and tenure payments

This payment method is very self-explanatory by its name, as it refers to a method of payment where the borrower is given fixed payments over a fixed period of time or a “tenure”. The payments continue for as long as you live, or choose to reside in the home on mortgage.

  1. Lump sum

This is a good choice of payment method if you are in need of a huge amount of money all together. Lump sum payment method lets you access all the proceeds of the loan all together at once. However, if you are looking for something that is more long-term, then you might want to re-consider this choice.

  1. Home purchase

If you have any plans of relocating and selling you old home, this is the most appropriate plan for you. The home purchase plan works by letting you sell your own home, using the money from the sale and any other personal savings or source of income, and use that money to combine with your loan. This can give you a greater buying power.

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Cancer Testing Live Leads

Cancer Testing Live Leads Cancer treatment live leads

In this age, the world is transforming in terms of Science and Technology. With this transformation comes the increasing discoveries and developments for cancer treatments. What seemed impossible a decade ago from now, is made possible by humans in answering the biggest question; how to treat cancer?
However, getting treatment for cancer may not sound as easy for some people. This is because cancer treatments require high technology that is expensive, resulting in affordability challenges for many people. Many people are also still deprived of the sufficient knowledge and awareness regarding these treatments. This is why INSPIRECS has taken a step towards making it easy for families who are in search for a feasible, convenient and affordable way of getting access to Cancer Treatment Research Leads. Lacking sufficient resources to access medical facilities and expensive treatments like the ones for cancer is a common problem that people in all stages of life face. INSPIRECS can utilize its experience and excellence to identify and find the most qualified and prospective Cancer Testing Leads for you, without causing you any hassle or extra efforts.

In order to get access to Cancer Testing Live Leads through INSPIRECS, there are some requirements and information that we must gather form you, which are also a part of the whole process before your treatment begins.

Why do I need the Cancer Testing Live Leads?

Even after medical facilities provided by the United States government like Medicare Health Insurance Card, it is still not enough to pay for such highly advanced cancer treatments. Cancer treatments sometimes also include more than one solution or treatment, and are instead a series of multiple processes that then lead you to the final stage of being cured. This is one of the reasons why you may need to opt for another reason because it can be that there is still a lack of awareness regarding cancer treatments, which is why our services can help you find the perfect solutions to your health issues, with lesser chances of mishaps and wrong decisions. Furthermore, it is also possible for many individuals to have doubts of having cancer, in which case INSPIRECS can help in getting Cancer Testing Live Transfer Leads. Cancer testing needs to be done from reliable and certified labs, one of which includes the National Certified Cancer Testing Labs.

What are the requirements for the process of Cancer Testing Live Leads?

If you are going to apply for the Cancer Testing services by INSPIRECS, then you first need to introduce us to at least one family member who is fighting with cancer. Moreover, we also need to make sure that the individual with cancer is not already under any treatment. Other than that, we will need your basic information including first and last name, along with your Medicare ID number, which is the same as your SSN number.

If you are a Cancer expert and are looking for clients who would qualify for one and would be interested in getting a Cancer Treatment then you should reach us at or call one of our sales representatives at 1-800-986-9315 EXT 101

Exclusive Live Transfers

Reverse Mortgage Live Transfers, Exclusives Live TransfersThe exclusive Live Transfers that we provide can be actually a milestone to your success trip. Any business is led by a rich and qualitative clientele, however having started a new business it is needed to reach that threshold of client base, after which you are recognized as an established brand and leads auto flow your way. Give us a call right away and we shall give you that leverage that can give a jumpstart to your business.

The market is snowed under the lead sellers, but how we stand out from the rest is the excellence and authenticity of the Leads that we offer. With our double verification processes we make sure that you get the most virgin leads in the market.

We promise highest closing ratios because we serve absolutely untouched and validated leads. Our clients have been showing great responses by closing up to 25%, depending upon the type of lead. The very prominent reason why this has been possible is that we transfer the Leads very exclusively. We have been offering active live transfers to our clients for various Mortgage loan requirements. We have experienced professionals dedicated to providing the best possible service in the industry.

In a jest to deliver the best, we target the group of homeowners, loan seekers, new or small business owners. The campaign is designed and focused on these target audiences and their need for a lender or any third party settlement agent. The marketing team makes sure that each lead received with the campaign is true, and hence a validation session is conducted via call. Our telesales take them through a series of questions in order to examine their need for the loan, judge the right intention and reroute it to the respective department for further verification. The second round of validation is to ensure the intention of the loan seeker. The double verified is then transferred to the interested customer’s right on their phones. This way we keep the information intact and exclusive. Moreover since there is a separate campaign for a new lead requirement, we promise that the lead is absolutely unscathed.

The leads that we transfer to you are absolutely generated via opted in data used by our call center, which are pre-qualified, and guaranteed to close. If you wish to connect with us feel free to give us a call on 1-800-986-9315 Ext 1