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Conventional Mortgage Refinance Live Transfer Leads

As per a Mortgage Daily, Freddie Mac’s Economists said today the 18th Of July 2014 that, while they had expected housing to come out of the gate at a good clip at the start of 2014, blistered by an improving economy, the labour market reported the unexpected in the Month of January.
The Federal Reserve seems committed to racketing down its acquisition of treasuries and mortgage-backed securities as long as growth remains at least at 2013 levels and also likely to taper down its purchases to zero by the end of the year which will put some upward pressure on long-term interest rates.

Global Capital Market investors have shifted into treasuries and other fixed-income assets out of the concern over emerging market growth, even as the Federal Reserve began to taper at the beginning of the year 10-year treasury yields and mixed rate mortgage rates generally have eased down about 0.3 percentage points over January and Early February, thus resulting in an increase in mortgage application volumes of 20 percent and the applications for refinancing by 28 percent.

With above being said, if you are a Mortgage Broker or own a Mortgage company or you are an Independent contractor, we at specialize in generating Leads for Conventional Refinance also called Live Motivated Conventional Refinance Transfer Leads. We as a company have been generating these Leads for over a decade and pride in doing what we do and the way we do it.

Please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-986-9315 Ext 1 and ask us any questions you may have in relation to our Double Screened Live Motivated Mortgage Transfers for Conventional Refinance.

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