What is a Reverse Mortgage

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As a borrower you are not allowed to take more than 60 percent of the total calculated Reverse Mortgage value in the first year. Moreover there is strict underwriting to ensure that the borrower has enough assets for taxes and insurance payments, to avoid any chance of foreclosure in future.

Despite the strict guidelines pertaining to reverse mortgage loans these are increasingly becoming popular among the baby boomers as it is an easy medium of survival for them. Very well said by a financial expert: You can’t take a loan to pay for retirement.”  With an effective Reverse Mortgage well you can. Things are valuable for those elderly who have a lot of equity in their house but there is lack of running cash to maintain their lifestyle. Even this makes sense for those who have a lot of asset and less income.

Reverse mortgages are home-equity conversion mortgages and are insured by the Federal Housing Administration. FHA recently passed rules which have limited the loans to 60 percent of home value in the first year. Borrower should be of least age 62, have significant equity in the home and use the house as his primary residence, these are the basic necessities to qualify the loans by HECM.

The amount of the Reverse Mortgage loan is calculated on the basis of the age of the youngest borrower, interest rates and the home’s appraised value. The elder the borrower is, more is the value of the loan that the borrower would qualify for. There’s a cap of $625,000 on any reverse mortgage. The loan is paid back when the homeowner sells the house or dies.

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