Foreclosure Defence Live Leads

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foreclosure defence Live Leads

Over years the traditional foreclosure practices have been lopsided, favouring the lenders or the banks that allow the borrowers to take a loan against collateral.  The legal process of foreclosure necessitates a homeowner to return his or her house to a lender after defaulting on a mortgage. The lenders who are well-versed in the law and practice of foreclosure, have been gaining in this business, however the tables seems to be turning now a large number of homeowners who have lost their property or are in the making as a result of non-payment of their mortgage loans, have started to fight back against foreclosure. Hence the FORCLOSURE DEFENCE is the new contrivance against a debt. An easy way to avoid foreclosure is by revising or altering the mortgage term. In a mortgage modification, the homeowner can renegotiate on the terms of the mortgage in order to make the payments more affordable and less steep.

With this the market is now swamped with the fatalities of the foreclosure that are keenly looking for loan modification plans, which can help them save their collaterals. is one of the ideal springs of Foreclosure Defence Leads in the market. With an experience of a decade, we have nurtured a healthy databank of quality leads which allows you to cherry pick your potential client. We have a team of experts that generate the leads via marketing campaigns, verify them and transfer after these are validated. The outbound calls are conducted by our telemarketers on the potential database. These leads are first contacted by our call centre teams, our executive walk them through a series of qualifying questions, validate the quest for a settlement and then transferred to you.

Foreclosure Defence Leads are also generated through internet. An internet based lead may be generated through mailers and online marketing campaigns. Specific information is displayed on the ads with respective landing pages that could navigate the user to the space where he needs to submit his details. Once the details are received by the server, an immediate call action is taken by the sales team. The executives connect with the interested members, talk to them about their requirement and arrange for a fast settlement via live transfers. This is how a live lead is served at your doorway. The foreclosure defence live transfers allow you to access the email ids, contact details as well as the physical address along with all the mortgage details of the client. You may then follow the person through either of the available ways, hence increasing the options for you and maximizing your sales while lowering your costs per closed deal.

The foreclosure defence live transfer campaign works well sending prequalified home owner prospects to firms waiting for these calls. Sales people are flooded with hot opportunities to contribute to the growth of their team and organization while helping prevent home owners from losing their houses.

If you wish to know more about our foreclosure defence live transfer lead program, please feel free to call us on 1-800-986-9315 Ext 1 and speak to one of our Sales Representatives and we would be happy to answer all your questions.

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