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Reverse Mortgage Live Transfers, Reverse Mortgage Leads

Reverse mortgages facilitates the aged homeowners to tap into their property without selling or moving out. With the baby boomers reaching the retirement age, Reverse mortgage is the next booming segment in the market. This is a niche industry which is grooming day by day. For mortgage lenders this is the next big milestone to ponder. As per Mortgage Originator Magazine – an estimated 75 million Americans will turn 62 over the next 20 years.

Let us first drain down on how the reverse mortgage functions. What is a reverse Mortgage plan? The home is pledged to the bank. Bank then evaluates its monetary worth by analyzing on the basis of the demand for the property, current property prices, and the condition of the house. The loan amount is then disbursed to the owner in form of a periodic payment. The margins and the interest cost are all considered while deciding upon the fixed monthly loan amount. The periodic payments also known as reverse EMI are received by the borrower over fixed loan tenure.

This is an ideal option for senior citizens who require regular income, or if the property is of illiquid nature for some reason.

According to industry publication Inside Mortgage Finance. Borrowers took out $15.3 billion of the loans in 2013, an increase of 20 percent from the year before. In the year 2009, there were $30.21 billion of reverse mortgage loans made. With 77 million retiring baby boomers the market is likely to fuel up and grow.  Reverse mortgage is becoming the growth spot in the home loan market.

This figure clearly focuses the high potential behind this not so recognized market. This can prove to be a mine of opportunities for the mutual benefits of the elderly citizens as well as the investors. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity with a reverse mortgage marketing plan of your own!

If you have any concerns on the topic you may get in touch to our team of experts who will run you through our background and history, benefits of investing in the reverse mortgage market and in hand effective live transfers. Reverse mortgage live leads by can become your “pocket diary of information” for your most prospective customers. The leads provided by, contains information about the customer that is 100% accurate. The Reverse mortgage live call transfers come to you after we validate it for quality. The information you receive on a particular customer interested in reverse mortgage are only the potential customers who qualify for it and are interested. Higher conversion rates are guaranteed through our reverse mortgage live transfers. We give you the advantage in the industry through our Reverse Mortgage live call transfers, give us a call at 1-800-986-9315 Ext 1

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