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The legal strategy employed by the homeowners to avoid Foreclosure is known as foreclosure defense. This is done by modifying the mortgage. The home owner convinces the lender and renegotiates the terms of the mortgage, in order to make the mortgage affordable.

Gone are the times when people who had defaulted over some mortgage used to lose their property to the bank. Now with the amendments in the laws and the educated crowd, well versed with the law and practices of Foreclosure, a Fight back revolution has prevailed. The mechanism to fight back against the Foreclosure is called Foreclosure defense.

An effective, well defended foreclosure has the following benefits:

  • You can continue to live in your home during the fight
  • You can continue to rent out the investment property
  • You can get affordable modified loan terms that will bring the principal balance on your loan down to market value
  • You may avoid a deficiency judgment on an underwater property
  • You could develop facts that will force the bank to settle on better terms

While you fight back it is also necessary that you hire a good foreclosure defense lawyer or a third party foreclosure defense agency. This will ease up the whole process for you. The cost for this will depend upon three major factors:

The complexity of your mortgage default case
The lawyer that you choose, his fees, expenses and
The kind of solution that you agree to with mutual consent with you lawyer

And hence this makes important for you to understand your case well, be educated of the basic foreclosure laws and choose aptly. The cost for the foreclosure defense normally comes as the following ways:

  1. Hourly: given the solution can be made available immediately, a law firm may charge on an hourly basis
  2. Monthly: if the foreclosure mechanism is expected to go months long, a month based payment option is a cheaper way
  3. Flat Rate: if the case complex enough to stretch along two years or so, a flat rate can be an economical option to pay.


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